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Welcome to the Transformational Technology Solutions main page.

Our society today faces many challenges. Many people have dedicated their lives in looking for new ways of doing things and of meeting these challenges head on.

Some, like Stanley Meyers who demonstrated a number of years ago a Water Powered dune buggy, passed away before their work was finalized and could be commercialized. Others have been successful and are starting to bring to the market their discoveries. Finally, there are probably hundreds of people who have a new way of doing things but don't have the know how or the will to go public and take it to the next level.


Michel Foisy and Stanley Meyer's Water Powered Dune Buggy (Jan 2009)


You will find below many exciting products and ideas.... Some are available right now, some are in developmental/prototype stages and others are at more experimental and theoretical stages.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other transformational technological solution that people should know about.




Plasma technologies

Has its own section on this website.


Radiant/Scalar/Zero-Point technologies

We are surrounded by a sea of energy! Some people like Tesla a century ago and others since have found ways of tapping into this source and harnessing this free and clean energy for the benefit of mankind.

  • Tesla's Hairpin Circuit

    Nikola Tesla, the first person to seriously study radiant energy more than a century ago, built a simple circuit to generate radiant energy so that its effects can be readily demonstrated. You MUST have a look at this as it goes against everything that we have been taught about electrical energy.

    Click here to go to the Tesla Hairpin Circuit page

Fuel/Energy savings

  • Hydrogen Boosters

    Dramatically increase the fuel efficiency in your vehicle and the same time eliminate most of the pollutants coming out of your exhaust.

    Click here to go to the Hydrogen Booster page.

  • Vortex generators

    Small plastic/metal vortex generators are put at the rear of trucks, trailers, RVs, etc., to significantly reduce the drag. This results in fuel saving, improved vehicle stability and reduced tire wear. A good example of this is Airtabs™ although there are other companies offering similar devices.




  • Kentucky Water Fuel Museum webcasts

    James A. Robey hosted a regular webcast during 2007-2010 where he interviewed a variety of interesting people on the subject of using water as a fuel and other related (and sometimes unrelated) subjects.

    Although some of the material is dated, there remain many interviews that are still pertinent today.


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